Studying fine art and photography early on prepared me for an engaging four years at New York Design School Pratt Institute, where I received my

B.F.A in Fashion Design and Art History Studies. During my studies at Pratt,

I received the opportunity to experiment and dabble in multiple areas of

design from metal jewelry design to fine tailoring techniques. An internship

at Izquierdo Studios while at Pratt Institute afforded me the opportunity to

work on specialty costumes, props, and fabrications for the stage, film, and television industry. It was around this period that I discovered my love for creating interesting costumes that told their own story as well as costume design research and textile development.

As I continue on my path of Costume Design for the entertainment

industry, I will continue to design on a fun and creatively conscious level

that all but sums up my desire of creating high fashion with the theatrics

of costume design.

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